Cortona, the grandmother of Rome, is one of Tuscany's oldest cities. Cortona's principal sights cluster in the maze of narrow medieval streets and alleys around the fan-shaped Piazza Signorelli. Piazza Signorelli is one of Italy's loveliest piazzas and the focus of Cortona's city life. Street vendors line the bustling piazza selling cuisine made from the ingredients available in the region.

I was inspired by this rustic Tuscan-like setting and many mouth watering meals I enjoyed in the region to create a recipe. This recipe would be the signature menu item for my Italian Brand delicatessen & catering business located in the suburbs of Philadelphia - Famous Philly Roast Pork! So firmly tender, so cleanly juicy, and so full of Italian personality, my roast pork has grown into its own local tradition.

Mastrocola's Famous Philly Roast Pork is harmoniously complemented by a warm crusty roll, sharp provolone cheese, sweet roasted or fried hot peppers, and served with a glass of good Chianti. However, it can also be served over pasta or rice. There are many, many ways to serve and enjoy it.

Bon App├ętit,
Mike Mastrocola